8 fast food with the most delicious burgers

July 27 marks the birthday of the hamburger. We decided to make a list of the fast food restaurants where you can taste the most delicious burgers.

Here the cook is not very useful local Indian food, making it the most lightweight oils and other harmful components. I must say that fats are trying not to use in General, except in microscopic doses, when without them can not do. Not used here and the traditional Indian butter ghee (cooked butter) and heavy sauces. The main focus in cooking is given to the proper use of spices, using the principles of Vedic cooking.

Red Veg, UK

This network claims to be the first vegetarian fast food. Despite the small selection of dishes here will find dishes to taste not only vegetarians but also vegans. And people usual food addictions will be interesting to try vegetarian hot dogs, burgers, rolls and falafel. Network Red Veg not very flourishing, but steadily finds its clientele.

Mosburger, Japan

This chain fast food very popular in Japan, in attendance is second after the world leader in this area is McDonald’s. Mosburger main dish – a Burger, have one fundamental difference from all other burgers. Masturbazione rolls is rice cake – the invention Mosburger. Rice burgers have a wide range of fillings, from the most exotic, for example, burdock root, to the usual. But all the products used in the preparation of burgers are very high quality, organic, environmentally friendly. Each portion is provided with a label indicating the composition of the Burger and the name of the employee who made it. Except Japan, Mosburger has branches in China, Indonesia, Singapore and the USA.

Fast Good restaurants have a very traditional fast-food menu – burgers, salads, fries, sandwiches. But all the dishes are made from only the highest quality organic meat, frying potatoes uses only the best olive oil and in sauces and dressings do not use flavor enhancers and preservatives. In addition, in Fast Good you can always order freshly squeezed juice and wonderful desserts.

Loving Hut, Taiwan

Huge fast food chain for adherents of vegetarianism. It serves vegetarian versions of well-known Asian dishes, as well as many of pseudomatrix dishes, such as soy fried chicken, shrimp, made with sweet potato. It is for these meals chain Loving Hut has taken root in the United States. Meet the restaurants of the network and in some European countries, and in China they are banned, as the activity of the founder of this restaurant Ching Hai there is a sectarian.

Soup Stock Tokyo, Japan

The network of fast food restaurants in Japan, specializing in the sale of a variety of soups. More than forty kinds of soups from a variety of natural ingredients Packed in cardboard boxes and sold to-go. Now restaurants, Soup Stock Tokyo is very popular in Japan, there are more than thirty institutions of the network quick and healthy meal.

The menu of this fast food chains are also very traditionally – fried potatoes, burgers. In Evos but the main focus is to make traditional fast food. Meat for making burgers used clean, free of antibiotics and hormones, and all dairy products to maximize fat-free, potatoes not fried in oil, and blown with hot air, making it practically a diet dish. In exactly the same way is prepared and the chicken Burger. All the vegetables come from small farms and carefully checked. So the food in this restaurant is obtained as harmless as the stomach and shapes, while retaining its normal taste.

Mamido Burger, Japan

This original fast food restaurant has in his regard all the same burgers and fries, but don’t just take written. Actually all these dishes – desserts. Ketchup is actually a raspberry sauce, and fried potatoes – fried biscuit. Not to say that all this is very useful, especially in large quantities, but very tasty and fun. And the main thing that this fast food isn’t the main component of harmful fats.

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