Cold snacks and recipes for cold appetizers

Cold appetizers

Cold snacks – great for buffet table and picnic. It is believed that the first cooking was started by the French. They used a baguette with various fillings. Cold starters are served first and are a good addition to any drink.

As cold snacks do not need to reheat or serve immediately after cooking, you can prepare in advance.

Almost all cuisines of the world have “national” appetizer recipe. So, the Australians – it Liptov cheese, Spanish tapas, Italian carpaccio, Mexican – nachos. In Russia for preparing cold appetizers using vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, meat, fish, eggs – almost everything we’ve got in the fridge every housewife.

The most common snacks among Russian – sauerkraut, pickles, pies with various fillings, sandwiches of black bread with butter and caviar.

If you arrange at your event buffet table, of course, the best choice for filing in the first place will be dishes from the category of “cold starters”. They will be a great beginning of the gala evening, a great addition for the holiday table as snacks for drinks. Many different variations of sandwiches in interesting and not always conventional will appeal to not only the hosts but also their guests. Feel free to choose items from this category for cooking,because thanks to them the success of your festive buffet table is provided!

Onion paste

Onion batter bread toast – this is a good option to diversify the holiday table another new starter, which will be appreciated by all the guests!

Stuffed eggs

Roll the cucumber


If you want to decorate your table, make it more attractive and diverse, then this role perfectly can make tartlets. These are small tarts made of dough, which can easily decorate any dish, be it salad or some snacks.

Cold starters forshmak

Few of the older generation do not remember what this snack as forshmak. This dish was an indispensable guest at every meal, but recently about forshmak began to forget. And for good reason.

Tomatoes with cheese and garlic

Rolls with salmon

Rolls with smoked salmon — delicious snack, which can be one of the dishes on the holiday table and easy to prepare dish to start your day.

Snack “Muhomorchiki”

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