Culinary luxury or the most expensive products in the world

The most valuable quality of the human soul – the ability to make art in the most mundane things. A tireless human genius has created a cult of food and his faithful followers – cooks and gourmets. These individuals have dedicated their lives not only to improve culinary arts, but also the search of new sensations from the use of different products. So there were expensive and exquisite dishes, rare components, referred to as delicacies.

Today there are several dozens of the rarest and most valuable products. For the right to possess them or the ability to enjoy their taste, wealthy people pay a lot of money.

What are these products?

• The eggs. The world’s most expensive caviar – Almas (Arab. “the diamond”), also called white. This caviar is produced by the Beluga-albino, approximately once in a hundred years, are exported from Iran, in jars of gold and costs about$ 5,000 per kilogram.

• Spice. The most expensive spice is saffron. Made from these beautiful flowers spice is worth up to$ 5,000 per 450 grams.

• The mushroom. The most valuable mushroom in the world – the white truffle of Piedmont. The popularity of these fungi is that every year in different countries held auctions, in which you can acquire the best samples of truffles. In 2008, Blaustein a record price for a white truffle – 330 000 $ for a half kilogram.

• A vegetable. French potato “La Bonnotte” is the most precious variety of this vegetable. On the island of Noirmoutier is grown approximately 100 tons of potatoes a year. The cost of one kilogram of “La Bonnotte” is 500.

• Chocolate. The world’s most expensive chocolate made in Connecticut, USA. Brand chocolate Chocopologie by Knipschildt costs us $ 2600 per 450 grams.

• The meat. The most expensive beef produced in Japan and Australia. Cow breed Wagyu surrounded in these countries, the most reverent attention. They are made to drink red wine or sake, massaging the music and fed the choicest herbs. The result is a tender marbled meat that costs more than 1000 $ per kilogram.

• Metal. Edible gold leaf is one of the most expensive food. In one of the popular restaurants of Manhattan, served ice cream, decorated with 23-Karat gold leaf. The cost of this dessert is $ 1,000, while 450 grams of edible food foil can be purchased for 15 000 USD.

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