Delicious vegetable salads

In anticipation of a good Christmas, new year holidays, and during other seasons of the seasons of the calendar and the fast days, every woman thinks about delicious. After all nobody cancelled a beautiful and healthy snack, tasty vegetable salads on the holiday table, especially in the Church calendar many holidays falling on the post, when allowed indulgences in food and life. It just so happened that the society lives according to the Gregorian calendar, the date of which does not coincide with the Julian Church. Plus the Wednesday and Friday fast days, and birthday and other celebration may fall on them. And a special Desk to date it is necessary to collect and favorite to please his culinary skill.

But yeah and we get down to culinary business. All these will help out not just festive, but also Christmas recipes vegetable salads with Photos.

Delicious vegetable salad with mushrooms

No. 1 NAPA cabbage with mushrooms .

This recipe is convenient because Chinese cabbage, canned mushrooms and fresh tomatoes in our days are sold in any supermarket.

As seen in the Photo in the post salad with mushrooms can be cooked in haste.

For cooking, buy:

small heads Chinese cabbage,

a couple of large fresh tomatoes,

a jar of pickled mushrooms,

olive (sunflower) oil, salt.

How to cook:

Rasburicase Chinese cabbage to separate the leaves.

Chop the leaves in large enough pieces. It is not necessary to use a knife, the leaves are easily torn by hand and this method makes the dish tastier.

Season with salt to taste shredded cabbage.

Cut large pieces of tomatoes.

In a prepared mixing bowl, mix sliced cabbage leaves with slices of tomato and a small amount of sunflower oil.

Put the vegetables on the dish.

Garnish with marinated mushrooms. Now, easy food ready for a delicious, homemade buffet.

When we sit at the table is important to us taste, what can you dissemble and delicate textures of the leaves, Oriental vegetable in a hundred clothing items, gives us the ability to cook lean and delicious salad with mushrooms on and a New year and a holiday home.

NAPA cabbage, pumpkins and fruits suggest a salad snack — here is recipe with Photos.

To make the dish a small Christmas touch, buy in store sweet pepper red. Cut it into strips, pre-clearing the seeds. Of items received neatly put on top of lettuce red asterisk.

Recipe vegetable salad with mushrooms cabbage with mushrooms


100 grams of mushrooms, 80 grams of walnuts, 100 g fresh cabbage (you can substitute pickled),

vegetable or even better olive, oil, salt, pepper mix.


Slice thin strips of cabbage or use ready salted.Shake sliced cabbage with your hands, adding a pinch of sugar and a little red not bitter or a mixture of peppers.

Prescription it is recommended to boil 3 minutes in boiling water and then finely chop the mushrooms, but may fry pre-cut mushrooms in vegetable oil.

Crush the nuts.

Mushrooms and nuts, place in a salad bowl to the cabbage.

Season with salt if necessary, season with vegetable oil (if the mushrooms are boiled), stir and serve guests.

Cabbage and mushrooms

Cook without the hassle

Dishes for the New year!

The delicious salad recipes for fasting and celebration

I take note of that for cooking at home cooking, festive ways of cooking with seafood and original versions of their submission.

The post salad with shrimp, squid, seafood cocktail

bright, original taste will decorate festive lunch or a romantic dinner, and the bachelorette party will be the highlight of the program, after which do not necessarily serve a hot meal.

The products shown conventionally, can be increased proportionally, to your taste:

1 grapefruit, 1-2 avocados,

1 onion, red we recommend

250 grams prepared seafood cocktail + some large boiled shrimp

2 – 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon wine or organic Apple cider vinegar,

salt, white pepper, lemon juice optional

Recipe preparation:

The pulp maximally remove the membranes and seeds, each slice cut into 4 – 5 pieces.

Peeled avocado cut into pieces, like a grapefruit, just to mix.

Chop onions rings or small bars and drizzle over a steak or Apple cider vinegar. Let the onions lightly macerated in acid for a softer taste.

Meanwhile it is necessary to heat the frying pan with a little oil and pour it out of the package seafood mix.

Fry the sea”beasts”, lowered the heat and stirring for 3 minutes. It is necessary that the liquid has evaporated. Salt.A mixture of optional squeeze of lemon juice.

Or place in a pot seafood and pour a small amount of boiling water, so I covered them with 2 fingers, boil for 3 minutes.

Mix all ingredients of salad in a large dish.

Mix and whisk the oil with vinegar or lemon juice, season with salt and pepper. If canned seafood cocktail, dressing to flavor 1 table spoon of brine, reducing the amount of salt and pepper.

Season the salad and garnish with large shrimps. Optionally add olives.

Eating vegetable salad

Will keep the figure in the celebration!

We offer you to learn how to cook festive meals with seafood — there’s recipes with shrimp .

Continue to surprise family and guests, preparing delicious —

vegetable salad with squid

The ingredients for a tasty recipe

200 grams frozen carcasses squid,

half of the cans of green olives,pitted

one fresh tomato large enough,

one sweet pepper,

two cloves of garlic,

one lemon,

olive (sunflower) oil, one teaspoon mustard, dill, salt.

The sequence of preparation

To defrost the carcass of the squid. Pour boiling water over each carcass and to quickly remove the top film. Using a knife gently clean out the middle. Boil the squid until tender. They cooked for 3-4 minutes. Chilled carcasses of squid cut into rings. In a separate bowl prepare the salad dressing: mix minced to the consistency of gruel garlic mustard with small amount of olive (sunflower) oil, then enter the freshly squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Prepared dressing pour over squid rings. Marinated calamari for about 20 minutes. While the squid rings are marinated, take care of the vegetables: cut the peeled sweet peppers and tomatoes – large diced, olive and each will be divided in two parts. Chop the dill. To Malinowska rings (cubes) squid add the sliced vegetables. Stir and place in a salad bowl. Sprinkle lightly on top of greens. In this form, vegetable salad without mayonnaise can be served.

But to give it a Christmas look, I suggest not to sprinkle salad mixture with finely chopped herbs and decorate it with sprigs of dill, laying them in the form of a fluffy Christmas trees. The resulting makeshift Christmas tree can be decorated with a star and Christmas tree decorations, carved from red sweet pepper or made of grains of red caviar. Embellished with fiction from the heart meatless meals in the new form, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Check the success of adults and children will have for the New Year these simple to make, delicious vegetable salads recipes with Photos you will be useful on holiday, and on every day. Interesting and beautifully decorated improvised, aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruits, they will allow you to show all your skills and provide family wholesome food.

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