Exotic food and delicacies

Just rejoiced in the arrival of spring, and not far off the summer, heat, season of vacations and travel. Fried sun of big cities melts the asphalt, sleepy and does not talk sensibly. There is a desire to leave the noisy dusty city somewhere to relax. There is the wanderlust, want to visit exotic countries, such as Morocco, Maldives, Burma, India, China. The good travel agencies offer a huge variety of options for every taste and budget.

Exotic countries, exotic food and drinks. Where else besides China, you can try all the famous swallows ‘ nests, spices India has long been known abroad, and Moroccan cuisine is one of the most famous in the world. And how many more exotic dishes exist in other cultures! Of course, to visit these unusual places of the globe and did not try traditional treats and the cocktails are just impossible. However, it is worth remembering the rules that must be adhered to when traveling to exotic countries, to preserve the health and sometimes life.

The most common practice in overseas hotels – the buffet. Choosing a food, remember the basic rules:

with caution try new products, ask what they’re cooked;

– don’t eat too much:new unfamiliar food may not be the best way to affect your health, because the stomach can not cope with it;

– check the freshness of food, choose foods that have just cooked: at high temperatures the products are very perishable, remember this;

– don’t get carried away with dishes with ice, if you’re not exactly sure that the ice was not made from tap water. Tap water even at home inspires great concern, to say nothing of such exotic countries like India where sanitation is not well developed, the streets are cows considered sacred animals, and all the effluents discharged into the sacred river;

– drink only bottled water and buy it in the supermarkets, trust;

– always wash your hands and try not to make snacking on the go.

If you comply with these rules, will be careful in the choice of meals and where meals, you can safely enjoy dishes of any ethnic cuisine, even Bedouin. Bon appetit!

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