Extreme cuisine

One of the features of travel is that tourists are often faced with a variety of culinary traditions, forcing them in astonishment, raising her eyebrows.

The author of the Lonely Planet “Extreme cuisine” Eddie Lin talks about some of the exotic dishes and reminds us that the difference between “tasty” and “tasteless” are only two letters.

White grubs were a staple food of Australian aborigines for thousands of years. These plump worms grow up to 7 centimeters in length, and you can find them in the crowns of some trees – particularly eucalyptus. When they eat, seem to bite a balloon filled with liquid, enveloping the mouth like a SIP of red wine. The taste of the liquid, however, resembles an egg.

Edible testicles come in all sizes, from large bullish (also called “Rocky mountain oysters”) to tiny cock. The Chinese like to fry chicken testicles in oil, but the Afghans prefer to cook lamb like a shish kebab on the grill. In Texas even has a festival dedicated to the bull eggs. To prepare, they need to clear from films to cut and saute with lemon and sumac until soft.

Stingray has a tail, at the end of which is a poisonous sting. And the meaty part of this rodstvennikami – his fins. Icelanders like to eat Stingray slightly rotten and fermented, while in Malaysia and Singapore it is cooked fresh on a BBQ with hot spices. Stingray meat itself is salty and firm, the taste is more reminiscent of a mixture of fish and shellfish.

The sea cucumber (or trepang holothuria) with the usual cucumber. In form it is more reminiscent of a sausage, and you can find it almost in every restaurant of China. In markets and pharmacies sell these invertebrates in dried form – they should be soaked in water 12 hours, then two hours to extinguish and serve with vegetables. The taste of sea cucumbers is quite pleasant and mild and the texture tender.

Seems crazy there is something that can be forced to endure severe cramps, but in Asian countries like to look on the bright side. So Scorpions are there much more considered a source of proteins, rather than the cause of death. In Beijing they make kebabs. While in Thailand they are fried or soaked in whisky. The taste of a Scorpion is similar to popcorn with a crispy crust and tender core.

The owners of Chinese restaurants like to hang in the Windows of plucked ducks and fragments of swine carcasses on hooks without any hesitation or disgust. Pig’s heads also regularly exhibited there. They can break off the ear and eat, like crunchy potato chips. Eyes, and cheeks, also eat.

Many people believe Guinea (Maritime) Guinea pigs lovely creatures, but in Peru, many holding dozens of them at once to a barbecue. In finished form, they look like rats but tastes like rabbit with crispy skin.

Forget about the popcorn and the nuts under cold beer – in Oaxaca, Mexico (Oaxaca) is the role of grasshoppers . In local restaurants you can find tacos and guacamole with grasshoppers. In the food are the young insects – due to the delicate texture and small wings. First they are boiled and then fried in butter with lime, salt and chili pepper. Grasshoppers turn out crispy with a pronounced fresh herbal taste.

The smallest drop of tetrodotoxin produced by the puffer fish . can kill 30 people. To prepare it, and how to remove the poisonous parts of the fish, only use certified fugu chef. Meat cut into slices – so thin that through them Shine the ornament on the plate. As for the taste, fugu is almost none. But those who have tried, have the feeling that they rode on a roller coaster.

Chicha – fermented drink that is traditionally done in Argentina from corn, cassava or fruit, chewed and moistened with saliva Indian women. The key to cooking is that starch is converted into sugar, and the human saliva is the catalyst for this process. Some, however, prefer to boil the ingredients and then ferment the chilled drink. The taste depends on how it went, but overall the drink is very sweet.

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