How to cook meat in a slow cooker

Today every woman dreams about this helper, as multivarka. Because it will give her more free time, and at the same time will give a guarantee that her family will eat healthy food. The slow cooker is a unique appliance that can cook almost anything for you. Cooking meat in it – very simple and even exciting experience. Baked, broiled or stewed meat from the slow cooker will seem very delicious and would cook again and again. Moreover, the cooking in this little miracle is a chef requires very little of your participation.

Meat in Russian cuisine

Meat dishes in our national cuisine has long been are very important. Our ancestors, besides farming and fishing, were also engaged in animal husbandry and hunting. It was pretty neat. As the domestic cattle kept pigs, cows and sheep. And as a result of hunting was extracted meat, elk, wild boar, and sometimes even bear.

Recipes cooking of the meat were passed down from generation to generation. It mostly served stewed or baked. During the reign of Peter the great there have been many changes in the lives of our people, including changed and cooking meat. His were more likely to fry, which was associated with the presence of the cookers.

Today recipes, how to cook meat, there are many. You can verify this by prolistovat the catalog of recipes with Photos on our website. Grilled meat is very like our contemporaries. Steaks, cutlets, chops, schnitzels, steaks and other fried Goodies conquered the world with enormous speed. However, those who care about their health, remember that baked or stewed fried much healthier, and in addition, it also dietary.

However this does not change the main meat dishes for us is the basis of a complete and nourishing diet that ensures the body to an abundance of animal protein and such important vitamin B12.

Features cooking meat dishes

The meat in the slow cooker turns out succulent, tender and flavorful. And what is especially important is the preservation of useful properties of this product. Cooking is somewhat similar to a Russian stove. Due to the fact that the device is tightly closed with a lid, products languishing there, but because the vitamins and minerals stored in them almost completely.

Carefully studied the recipes with Photos on our website, you’ll notice that the slow cooker can cook any type of meat: poultry, beef, pork, rabbit, lamb. Even the meat of wild animals, which is hard, will become soft and tender due to vapors.

The meat in multivarku can be cooked separately or with any side dish. The choice of garnish is not restricted. It could be porridge, and potatoes, and legumes, and vegetables. There are only your wishes.

Tips for choosing and cooking

As has been said, to claim I use any kinds of meat. However, to your meals were as tasty and useful as the Photo in our recipes, it should heed a few tips:

When buying choose the young meat, because old is tougher, and so cooked for longer and has such tenderness.

Better if it is fresh, not ice cream.

The version without bones and veins will be more tender and juicy.

Skins poultry are better off, then the dish will be more diet.

If your slow cooker has special programs for certain types of meat dishes, then by all means use them, then the recipes will be prepared with the most correct and accordingly delicious.

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