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We welcome anyone who wants to learn the art of cooking delicious dishes! Our site presents a lot of useful information on a theme interesting recipes on the fire with Photos without registration. However, if zaprashivala information about interesting recipes at the stake with their Picture displayed on this page – try to use the standard search portal.

The salad is a mixed dish that is prepared quickly “whip up”. This dish, made up – depending on the recipe of salad from finely chopped pieces of vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, mushrooms, fruits. Key words in this definition, characterizing the salad is chopped and cold. Even in conversation we use the word “salad” (usually – V.

The cooking begins with an idea, followed by its implementation. But for cooking a desire is not enough, you need to have some experience, and most importantly – the desire to learn, to look for interesting recipes to feed your family is not only delicious but also healthy dishes. Many products do not always look appetizing in its raw form, but when properly kulinar.

March 29, 1886, pharmacist John Pemberton painfully trying to develop a drug for a headache. Over ognem a saucepan he made a decoction of Coca leaves, mixing it with sugar and caffeine. The result was a refreshing drink of caramel. In addition, it was quite tasty. The inventor sold it at the pharmacy under the name Jacobs in the amount of nine glasses.

What mistress doesn’t want to show off their skills in front of guests, gathered around the Christmas table! On this occasion prepared special recipes for treats. But when it comes to birthday cake, we drink it, as a rule, traditional tea or coffee. However, there is to be original and to offer not the usual tea and something delicious, WHA.

Now spring, the time for light salads and other spring dishes with herbs, fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins. If you are tired of the usual recipes, you can experiment with traditional dishes, giving them an unusual appearance. I love broccoli, but in boiled form, it is not like all (my family have refuse), various dishes in K.

Many writers enjoy and really describe the process of cooking ( and eating) different foods. Rex stout is a brilliant detective and gourmet Nero Wolfe. The Dumas-father there are interesting recipes. Our detektivschitsy, ( women however) and then woven into the fabric of the narrative descriptions of different vkusnyashek. Especially often they can be found at Darya Dontsova.And just at.

Simmer the cabbage can every woman. The braised cabbage can be used in different ways. You can offer her a home for dinner as a separate meal, at dinner you can serve it as a side dish, you can make it the stuffing to the pies. It all depends on what you put out. Very common to have recipes cabbage, stewed with other vegetables. Today, we are going to simmer for just a minute.

Vegetable stew or meat – depends on what you put more. More meat – beef stew with vegetables, more vegetables – vegetable stew with meat. And stews to put in any meat and any vegetables. It’s still delicious.Variants of cooking this delicious not to consider. Very tasty to add to a vegetable stew chickpeas (nuhat), pea with a long spout. His first W.

I want to offer you the recipe a delicious braised cabbage.The braised cabbage I love since childhood. I remember how my mother cooked it for me, what flavor was in the house, remember how we used to in our churches, schools, and mother fried pies with cabbage. All of it is so memorable to me, and since childhood I liked stewed cabbage for all. When I grew up, I decided to cook the cabbage itself, and for the first time all p.

Once I was so upset when I saw the recipes that well, just uninteresting: without meat, without spices, without any fat, in short, as my recipe today – the braised cabbage on the water. Don’t know why, but my opinion on these dishes totally changed my husband’s phrase. I can’t remember exactly word for word how it sounded, but something like: what if I NRA.

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