TOP 10 most expensive dishes in the world

FleurBurger 5000

Frenchman, Hubert Keller is widely respected among American chefs. He owns several restaurants, including Fleur, located in the world capital of gambling. It is here that serves a giant Burger for $5000: a Kobe beef, foie Gras and truffle sauce, all on a lush crispy bun. As a bonus — a bottle of Château Pétrus wine harvest in 1995, and exclusive glass that, if the client so wishes, he will be sent home with a certificate of quality. In addition, the satellite or companion, who will order the FleurBurger 5000, will receive a free Burger — though ordinary.

Golden Opulence Sundae

Cost: $1000. Legendary cafe in the Upper East side is often called the “luxury fast food”: hot dogs, sandwiches and burgers here are significantly more expensive than conventional eatery. And desserts from Serendipity III will cost a pretty penny: why should only the Golden Opulence Sundae! It is based on ice cream bean Tahitian vanilla. They are filled with elegant ice-cream bowls decorated with edible gold leaf and shavings of the world’s most expensive chocolate Amedei Porceleana. For dessert are served candied exotic fruits, gold dragees, marzipan cherries and a plate of caviar. To order the Golden Opulence Sundae is necessary not less than 48 hours, otherwise the cook will not have time to deal with time consuming task. Continue reading

Vegetable appetizer.

We offer you quick easy recipe vegetable snacks. While preparing for dinner fish or meat, you prepare simple and tasty, but also very useful vegetable dish. And also in our cookbook you can find recipes of other delicious vegetable dishes. Prepare a vegetable snack in our fast and tasty culinary recipe.

Products for vegetable snacks. 500 grams of eggplant, 1 pod of canned red, yellow and green sweet pepper, 1 kg of zucchini, 500 ml vegetable oil, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 bunch of greens, salt, ground black pepper, sour cream.

To prepare vegetable snacks zucchini and eggplant wash and cut thin slices. Stucki pepper, remove from the brine, rinse, let the water drain, cut into thin slices. Garlic peel, chop and sauté with peppers in vegetable oil. The greens and chop the zucchini and eggplant and add them to the peppers. Vegetables salt and pepper. Simmer the vegetables on medium heat under lid for 15 minutes. 5 minutes prior to readiness of vegetables to add sour cream and stir.

Bon appetit!

Cookbook wild Housewives offers you lots of delicious original culinary recipes of vegetable dishes and casseroles

Souffle with bananas. Vkusnyashek dessert Continue reading

The most expensive restaurant in the world

The catering business is considered very favorable. The total annual costs of people to food in restaurants amount to about 2 trillion dollars. This is a gold mine that can bring a very large income. Some restaurants are designed only for rich people, so they are expensive.

Lunch in a school a luxury will cost a lot. This is without taking into account the fact that the restaurant should leave a tip and order a mandatory non-alcoholic drink. But foodies believe that in the most expensive restaurants in the world serving incredibly tasty, expensive and fine dining. We list restaurants of premium class, which are considered the most expensive on the planet.

This place is situated in Central Tokyo (Japan), in the district of Shinbashi. Average meal costs there 370-400 dollars. Therefore, Aragawa is the most expensive restaurant in the world . It does not impress by the luxurious decor and doesn’t have his own site on the Internet. However, there is always a lot of visitors. For the wealthy it is very popular. Book a table at Aragawa is not so easy, especially because on Sundays, the school is not working. Continue reading

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