Despite the new-fangled recipes with all sorts of exotic foods and fancy complex technology, sometimes you want to see on your home table is a simple summary of the classic meat dishes – roast pork. I backed down a bit in this recipe, cooking pork from classical because she wanted to see her with a side dish of potatoes that, I think, in other cases, it is extremely convenient. Alternatively, you can use in a dish or mushrooms.

Today the second house will be a dish of pork, which is at the minimum set of products, the result is nutritious, spicy taste and appetizing aroma. Pork ribs are perfect for everyday menus and for how hot main meal. Special requirements to the choice of pork ribs, but prunes it is desirable to use a thick, seedless. Prunes in the recipe will give the finished pork ribs.

A dish like meat stew with vegetables, pleasant in all respects. It’s delicious, affordable and easy to prepare, given the fact that we use the help of a slow cooker. Active work time with meat and vegetables will spend about 15 minutes, meanwhile multivarka itself stew main course for two hours, I will spend time cakes with raisins for lunch and sponge cake with banana filling for an evening dessert. A couple of weeks ago.

Initial stage homemade, beautiful and delicious meat dishes – beef Stroganoff with creamy onion sauce – its the right choice – beef (which I had in a creamy banana sauce). The best option is to buy cuts of beef – fillet or sirloin. It is the soft tissues of meat carcasses, which do not need the metronome. The process of obtaining Stroganoff with sour cream and chives consists of two stages of cooking: meat.

I want to share my recipe unusual cooking familiar to us beef. When a traditional roast, goulash, ABC and other meals from this meat pretty fed up, I decided to experiment at home and cooked in slow cooker beef with cream sauce, bananas (pancakes stuffed with wonderful face) and melted cheese (the first thing that “fell” eye in the fridge). It would seem that the combination of incongruous, but with the help of a slow cooker.

One of dietary meat dishes that can be cooked in a slow cooker meatballs. Today the meatballs will stew in the slow cooker (and here in it – pork chops) in creamy onion sauce without pre-frying. This dish of meat is perfect as a main for Breakfast or lunch. Another feature of the preparation of my homemade meatballs in sauce is a recipe in the presence of only beef and chicken.

In the diet of many nationalities, one of which I belong, the importance of pork. Pork for my household, as cheese is an important product for normal life and development. A variety of dishes from this meat very much, today we will cook meat low-fat pork rolls stuffed with cheese and pickled gherkin (here, by the way, the recipe of the pickle to it). Generally in this recipe will be attending.

Along with the recipe for rabbit roasted in the oven, I often cook at home rabbit braised in wine. The thus prepared rabbit has an original taste and like lovers of fragrant herbs and spices, which are me and my Pets. We love good wine, some of which, following the recipe, without regret has allocated for fighting the rabbit. This meat dish requires no special cooking knowledge, looks elegant and perfectly located.

Pork ribs in soy sauce is a versatile dish that, along with the roll of the belly, decorate a festive table and also suitable for everyday life. This meat dish can be cooked on the stove (for example, in the casserole) in the slow cooker. But in the second embodiment, multivarka Redmond, as a home assistant, will easily help you make delicious pork ribs, not putting additional effort. Soy sauce, added V.

Sweet tooth!

After the liberation the other day in the heat (oven in the summer is a nightmare) with chocolate muffins, deigned to give.

Having in mind a lot of recipes of desserts, never long “bother” than tasty.

Current cake recipe the cake will differ significantly from a delicious homemade dessert with a similar.

Love chocolates in our universal family. This is reflected not only in the total eating tiles.

It just so happened that the desserts in our family – it is very popular. And the most successful among.

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