Muffins with ham and cheese

What do you think about snack bars muffins? Do such cakes? More recently, I am very critical of the muffins – they seemed to me boring and very primitive taste, but now, marathon. I spend on our page on Facebook, I kind of tasted and even loved. It turns out that such cakes can be interesting, colorful, unusual and very delicious! Moreover, it can be very diverse – for example, muffins with ham and cheese . a week ago, and not nearly thought that I can come to mind to make such a thing, and today I’m already pondering how to diversify – add smoked cheese? or broccoli? or maybe olives? or pepperoni? or some chili? Moreover, muffins with ham and cheese turned out so delicious that my husband, my indifferent to food husband, for which most ordinary sandwich seems to be an accomplishment, was asked to “repeat sometime this prescription.” Here it is, my personal culinary Olympics!

And you don’t zadumyvalis why some cheeses melt perfectly, while others give only a hint of rasplavlennogo? When the cheese Matures, it is observed quite a lot of decalcification – he keeps the rest of the ingredients and allow the cheese to melt. Over time and with the accumulation of lactic acid decalcification is cleaved and yields to monochloropropane – but he is responsible that when heated, the cheese stretched beautifully and melted threads.

Muffins with ham and cheese was, furthermore, a convenient snack in school: the Eldest recently stopped feeding Breakfast in the dining room, so now every day I had to invent to such a kind to give her himself. These eateries pieces was a real lifesaver: they are convenient (transportation – Yes: do not break, do not spread, not vmazyvajut oil all the textbooks), they are easy to eat (and then don’t need to wash his hands from smoked sausages), well, they are delicious (there are few children who will refuse ham, and even in the form of muffins). Overall, plus sea, there are no cons. Now, muffins with ham and cheese – try it!

Recipe of pita bread roll with fish

Handsome, however, this loaf of pita bread with fish . I used to not like complicated recipes. Romp in the kitchen gives me pleasure, but time spent on cooking, still wish. It is for this reason that I prefer dishes that are prepared simply, but look impressive. Well, not quite simple, but turn out this incredible. In General, and never long cast over the food, but recently spilled to such an extent that began to specifically seek out options with minimal effort give excellent results. It I all to what? Give you today a wonderful recipe loaf of pita bread with fish .

This is, firstly, a great appetizer for the holiday table – not the most gourmet, but definitely tasty and beautiful. Secondly, it is a convenient snack to take: at work, on the road, in school – albeit not the healthiest, but hearty and invariably causes appetite. Thirdly, the recipe for a loaf of pita bread with fish is the dish for cooking which you will spend three pennies and a couple of minutes, but in the end you have a tasty and beautiful appetizer.

The recipe for a loaf of pita bread with fish of course, not a dogma. If you wish inexpensive canned sardine you can replace slightly less democratic or pink salmon generally take the cooked fish. Sun-dried tomatoes, of course, gives the roll an excellent flavor touch, but it can be removed in favor of cooked carrots or sweet bell peppers. Create!

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