The most delicious dish in the world

Ice cream

And this is an echo of the inner child, which is one of my favorite treats – ice cream. Ice-cream or chocolate, maybe fruit? On a stick, cone or even ice-cream bowls, intricately decorated with sweet sauces, caramel, chocolate, fruits and berries or other Goodies… there is Hardly an adult who wouldn’t love this greetings from childhood.

I wonder whether it is so delicious, how expensive and beautiful?

And if you just taste ice cream and nostalgia not enough for you, we suggest that you visit the restaurant Serendipity III, located in new York. Here you will be offered unparalleled ice cream, one serving of which costs $ 1,000. For this money you can buy a hundredweight or more conventional or a small vase, in which ice cream made from milk and other luxury products and decorated with edible gold leaf, gold dragees and candied fruit. Continue reading

Simple and delicious salads in haste

What is the most quick and tasty dish can be prepared by the owner? Of course, salad. This culinary masterpiece and I love ladies on a diet, and men who wish to satisfy the hunger, and children who love everything bright and beautiful. Salads are prepared in haste, and many of the recipes do not require more long walks to the supermarket in search of unknown ingredients.

Delicious salads: cooking.

To start is to understand that for the best taste of food, you should choose only the freshest ingredients. Also better to give preference to seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is proved that in winter, body is useful to get pickled and canned vegetables than fresh, but imported from other countries. Be confident in the naturalness of products. In summer, the opposite should be preferred fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, fruits and berries. During this period, you can safely abandon the mayonnaise, because the body does not need a large amount of calories. Replace the sauce you olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice. So you can combine business with pleasure – to lose weight, improve your health and discover new taste solutions. Do not scrimp on the body to get as much natural vitamins from vegetables, berries and fruit. Continue reading

Vegetable appetizer.

We offer you quick easy recipe vegetable snacks. While preparing for dinner fish or meat, you prepare simple and tasty, but also very useful vegetable dish. And also in our cookbook you can find recipes of other delicious vegetable dishes. Prepare a vegetable snack in our fast and tasty culinary recipe.

Products for vegetable snacks. 500 grams of eggplant, 1 pod of canned red, yellow and green sweet pepper, 1 kg of zucchini, 500 ml vegetable oil, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 bunch of greens, salt, ground black pepper, sour cream.

To prepare vegetable snacks zucchini and eggplant wash and cut thin slices. Stucki pepper, remove from the brine, rinse, let the water drain, cut into thin slices. Garlic peel, chop and sauté with peppers in vegetable oil. The greens and chop the zucchini and eggplant and add them to the peppers. Vegetables salt and pepper. Simmer the vegetables on medium heat under lid for 15 minutes. 5 minutes prior to readiness of vegetables to add sour cream and stir.

Bon appetit!

Cookbook wild Housewives offers you lots of delicious original culinary recipes of vegetable dishes and casseroles

Souffle with bananas. Vkusnyashek dessert Continue reading

The most expensive restaurant in the world

The catering business is considered very favorable. The total annual costs of people to food in restaurants amount to about 2 trillion dollars. This is a gold mine that can bring a very large income. Some restaurants are designed only for rich people, so they are expensive.

Lunch in a school a luxury will cost a lot. This is without taking into account the fact that the restaurant should leave a tip and order a mandatory non-alcoholic drink. But foodies believe that in the most expensive restaurants in the world serving incredibly tasty, expensive and fine dining. We list restaurants of premium class, which are considered the most expensive on the planet.

This place is situated in Central Tokyo (Japan), in the district of Shinbashi. Average meal costs there 370-400 dollars. Therefore, Aragawa is the most expensive restaurant in the world . It does not impress by the luxurious decor and doesn’t have his own site on the Internet. However, there is always a lot of visitors. For the wealthy it is very popular. Book a table at Aragawa is not so easy, especially because on Sundays, the school is not working. Continue reading

The most unusual dishes of the world

From what did not prepare food in different countries! Among them there are those who will certainly cause you disgust. But in a foreign country for such delicacies people pay crazy money… Most exotic dishes that they offer visitors the best restaurants. In Troitsk you certainly won’t find a restaurant that offers its customers the dishes are so unusual… However, you are unlikely to really want to try these delicacies…


Prepared in the Philippines and in Cambodia. Is a brewed together with the embryo duck egg. The unusual food that the embryo has already managed to receive the feathers and beak…


Prepared in Iraq and Kazakhstan. Is a boiled sheep’s head.

Wine from pups

Demand in Korea and China. Considered a traditional health drink. Bottles of rice wine are tiny, still blind little mice… Those who have tried this delicacy, say that it tastes no better than kerosene. Continue reading

The most delicious and healthy dishes with eggplants
Fritters of eggplant Composition: Eggplant – 3-4 pieces Egg – 2-3 PCs Cheese (durum) 150 gr Milk – 2/3 Cup Flour - 1/2 Cup Vegetable oil Salt, ground red pepper…

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The most extraordinary dishes
Sellers treat their customers with a variety of exotic, imported from abroad. For example, many people have tried avocado, mango, beef, shark meat, octopus. Not to spoil the impression of…

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Speckled hen Salad.
Speckled hen salad, the recipe of which is proposed below, it is possible to cook in the evening as an appetizer for dinner. This salad is not just an excellent…

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