Proper cooking of salads using simple recipes of salads

Salads is one of the most popular dishes on our table. On weekdays and during the holidays everyone can easily prepare salads, if you have the right recipes, people eat them with pleasure and adherents of simple food and refined gourmets. If You have enough experience can learn simple salad recipes, presented on our site, believe me, even a simple salad will delight your loved ones. The reason for this is quite simple: recipes for delicious salads can be run from virtually any set of products, safely varying components. They use vegetables (raw, cooked, canned, pickled, salted, pickled), fruits, meat, fish, seafood, poultry, game, canned and even semi-finished products. As you can see, even simple salads can be made from different products, all on your imagination and taste preferences.

Lovers of traditional dishes strictly follow the prescribed recipe, the experimenters vary the ingredients, letting your imagination run wild and sometimes getting completely new and unexpected dish. Even want to draw a parallel salads like this artist’s work, always new and delicious.

For example, a variety of salads usually contain a leaf, a salad can be substituted for the endive with a slightly spicy taste or khrustselevskii salad, and gentle raddichio. Whichever them you choose will depend on the taste of the dish. So your fantasy will help you and simple salads will range in their lifetime. The same is true of tomatoes: round fleshy tomato, lady finger and tiny cherry tomatoes also have a different taste, which affects the preparation of salads.

Like a hearty meal? Add salad rice, buckwheat, millet, pasta (in any case not boiled). They are especially good if your intention is to cook a meat salad, for combine perfectly with meat and poultry.

Do not forget about greenery. Fragrant dill, parsley tender, spicy celery, spicy coriander, sweet pepper will give the dish a special touch. Another feature, simple salad recipes do not require much time cooking and salads will become your constant hobby.

One of the most important components. included in the preparation of salads —dressing. Refills include both simple salads, and more complex. You can use prepared mayonnaise, sour cream or vegetable oil, but you can create an exquisite blend of butter, sugar, mustard, lemon juice and a few drops of hot sauce. With rare exceptions (when you need to simple salads are not soaked) salads should fill just before serving.

Meat and poultry for salads are usually cooked, but you can use toasted or baked products, even those that remained from yesterday’s meal.

Don’t be afraid of the seasonings, because even the delicious salad recipes contain black, red, white pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, which emphasize the taste of the dish, and give it a unique flavor.

On our website You will find simple and complex salad recipes for holidays and every day. Can take recipes as a basis, and then to dream and create their recipes. Good luck and let’s move on to the first section and consider the preparation of salads.


Begin section of our website – meat salads. Salads with meat is practiced in every home and all familiar with them. You can use different kinds of meat, greens, vegetables and condiments for cooking meat salads. I wanted to say that even simple salads with meat are very delicious and nutritious. But cooking with beef and bird can be attributed to dietary salads. The delicious salad recipes with meat do not go without asparagus and cheese, mushrooms complement the flavor. Follow the link and learn presents meat salads, I hope You find what you were looking for. Read more meat salads.

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