Quick and delicious bread

When you suddenly guests come, you want to surprise them with something tasty. But sometimes that would prepare any dish, just have no time. So you have to improvise. Are ideal for this purpose an ordinary thin pita. It can be bought in most stores, but you can prepare so many delicious and unusual snacks based on it that will delight your guests and family members. That is delicious and can be cooked quickly on the basis of lava, and we will tell you in this article below.

Roll of pita bread with stuffing to taste a quick snack to the table.

To prepare a quick and delicious snack, you only need a few sheets of thin pita, a bit of mayonnaise and toppings you want to add to this roll. It can be anything – for example, melkorublenoy crab sticks, grated cheese with egg, carrots, corn and many other things. Stuff like this roll can be all that gets you by the hand. For a start, very lightly coat pita bread with mayonnaise, it will give them softness, to make it easier to roll a roulade. Next, spread with filling, roll and slice. Thus, you in minutes would be a great appetizer to your table.

Lazy cakes pita.

If you want pobalovatsya family tasty and unusual cakes, and desire to Tinker with the dough you have no time, don’t despair. Even in this situation, you can find a very simple and optimal output. For this you will need thin sheets of lavash, cheese and ham. Heat pan and oil. It is very important that they were hot. Otherwise your patties will simply burn, and will not have a very appetizing appearance. Next, you need to make the pies.

Cheese is best grated on a large grater. So it will be quicker to melt. Ham cut into cubes or strips, this is not essential. Of pita bread will do the little envelopes in which you must carefully wrap the cheese and ham. Thanks cheese envelopes will not collapse, and will keep the form nice a pie. These cakes are prepared very quickly, and the result in any case will exceed your expectations! If you serve this dish on the table in just minutes, your guests will beg you for more!

As you can see, from the most simple and trivial products, too, can create real culinary masterpieces! Just enough to show a little imagination and you will be considered the best chef in the world!

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