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Snacks – is a broad term and may relate, like the salads and canapés to sandwiches, which dilute the taste of the aperitif. Recipes appetizers-thousands – so they are varied. Our topic collected all sorts of options for any occasion and any situation is the simple recipes of snacks for your daily menu and recipes, holiday snacks (with Photos) to more refined options of cooking. Regardless of the occasion, our recipes will always help and will help treat your family or guests.

National Russian cuisine was interesting and original. From the very beginning of “our” food, and this is the ninth century, there were many stages in the formation of traditions, many influences. After a strong path of development to modern cuisine, it was in some way rich.

Since the Rus were popular simple, uncomplicated fare of sauerkraut and a crispy pickle chip. To alcohol, is traditionally served jellied, baked pies, herring and caviar. Recipes appetizers with Photos can offer us to start the meal with cake-assorted(made of vegetables and meats), aspic and meat or fish mousse. To make a long stand at the stove, you can prepare meals from simple and affordable products.

The purpose of the meals – easy hunger, if the main dish isn’t cooked or she prepared in order to excite the appetite, so to prepare the dish, slickensides not worth it. The portion should be sized to have enough strength to defeat the other dishes.

Snacks can be divided into hot and cold. The latter include meat and fish specialties, sandwiches, tartlets, canapés, vegetables (pickled or raw).

Between warm and cold snacks you can draw a parallel, because the only difference in heat treatment. (fried in a skillet, preheated in the microwave oven, the oven). What versions of recipes? Hot snacks – like roasted on the fire or in the pan, mussels, croutons, grilled cheese sandwiches and ham, heated in the microwave or onions in batter. The pizza, incidentally, can count as not a full-fledged separate dish, and appetizer.

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