The most dangerous food world

The most dangerous food in the world — leave the past in the thought that French fries, chips and fast food is the most harmful and dangerous meals for our organisms. It turns out that there are meals that can kill a man without even letting him finish himself.

The most dangerous food in the world – Titus RAS

“Titus RAS”, which means “snake meat” is another calling card of the Chinese national cooking. “Snake meat, and what’s this!?” — surely, You ask. And how to drink in China a glass of snake blood mixed with rice vodka and eat a live snake’s heart beating on the bottom of the glass!?

The most dangerous food in the world – Fish “Fugu”

Fish “Fugu” in appearance is not so dangerous, though banned in Europe. To try the delicacy You have to go to Korea. Thailand or Japan .

The insides of fish contain so much life-threatening poison, just poisoned from a small piece of this fish, the human body can paralyze completely, or in the worst case to cause instant death.

Cook this wonderful fish only experienced chefs who skillfully separate the poisonous from the inside of the fish meat.

Someopne dishes of the world – “Cazu Marzu” or “Live cheese”

“Cazu Marzu” or “Live cheese” — a real Italian “delicacy”. In Italy sheep’s cheese cheese infect larvae that later turn into worms and lay the cheese in the millions of tunnels.

True “foodies” seize this cheese of Italian wine, although many people larvae are not digested, which causes upset stomach and vomiting. Also worms in the truest sense of the word can jump out of the cheese, so it is recommended for the meal to protect the eyes.

The most dangerous food in the world – “San NAK JI”

“San NAK JI” is another familiar food for the Japanese or Koreans. Live octopus in Korea or Japan be served directly on the dining table. The most fearless “asiminoaei” without cutting, put into the mouth of the writhing tentacles of an octopus, starting from the head, so as not to choke. The next task is to chew and swallow a sea monster to strangle you from the inside.

The most dangerous food in the world – “Hakarl” or rotten shark

“Hakarl” or rotten shark — a strange but popular dish in Iceland. which consume only local vodka. Freshly caught shark is buried for six months in the ground. Six months later, take it out, cut and served the meat decayed.

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