The most delicious dish in the world

Ice cream

And this is an echo of the inner child, which is one of my favorite treats – ice cream. Ice-cream or chocolate, maybe fruit? On a stick, cone or even ice-cream bowls, intricately decorated with sweet sauces, caramel, chocolate, fruits and berries or other Goodies… there is Hardly an adult who wouldn’t love this greetings from childhood.

I wonder whether it is so delicious, how expensive and beautiful?

And if you just taste ice cream and nostalgia not enough for you, we suggest that you visit the restaurant Serendipity III, located in new York. Here you will be offered unparalleled ice cream, one serving of which costs $ 1,000. For this money you can buy a hundredweight or more conventional or a small vase, in which ice cream made from milk and other luxury products and decorated with edible gold leaf, gold dragees and candied fruit.


It was a food of the poor, as many simple and delicious dishes. It would seem, tortilla, smeared with tomato sauce and sprinkled with herbs, but what it has become now… hundreds of kinds of toppings and cooking methods. The simplest can be implemented even at home, having modest culinary skills and a minimum of food in the fridge.

For this we have to go to Italy, which has remained a classic Rovaniemi. There you can try and barbaric luxury version of “Luis XIII”, with a cost of nearly $ 1,000 per 20-cm portion. But it is made of flour of a special variety, the meat of lobsters, crabs, mozzarella cheese from milk of black Buffalo (this is very important, not other cheese will do) and several types of caviar. The whole procedure of creating this masterpiece goes to the eyes of a generous client.


The controversial question of whether to call a chocolate dish, but it’s delicious, nobody doubts. A couple of centuries ago it was only available to very wealthy people. Today, this tile is affordable for everyone.

That’s just the master chocolatiers claim that it has nothing to do to Chocolate, how it should be. But if you wish, and if you have certain financial capacity, pamper yourself with exquisite delicacy. It’s enough to go to the USA and go to a boutique company Chocopologie by Knipschildt, which offer the most delicious chocolates. They just can’t price about $ 5,000 per kilogram. Their secret is to use cocoa beans of a single variety, which is imported direct from Ecuador, and completely manual production.


Many people love to indulge in fried or pickled mushrooms, stew or soup from them. White, milk mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms… They have a wonderfully delicate flavor and aroma, can be free (if you are a mushroom) or store-bought for a very reasonable price.

I could not tell what he is dear and delicious…

But not a truffle. It is the most valuable variety, white, even has a certain value, because every fungus found on sale with a special auction. On average, per kilogram will go for about $ 6,000. And once for a party of one and a half kilograms, the buyer did not regret 330 000 dollars.


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Actually, this list at all desire cannot claim any objectivity. Everyone has different tastes, and hence different food will seem. We only determined the main direction, showing how unique can be the same dish. And it will turn out tasty or not, depends first of all from a person who worked on it.

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