The most expensive dish in the world

Modern cooking can be considered art, and each dish has its price. For the preparation of the most expensive meals in the world require the best products and chef of the highest level. Expensive meals are in fact the same that we can buy at the regular price every day. The difference lies only in the fact that in the composition there will be some unusual ingredients. It can be made of gold, meat, unusual fish, and some unique, rare plant or animal components. So what products can enter into the most expensive dishes?

The noble saffron

If the recipe is saffron . you can be sure that it is expensive. Hundreds of thousands of stamens marigold assembled by hand to get a pound of this spice. At the same time, you can afford to add saffron to the usual pastries, meat, fish or vegetables. For four servings of the finished dish will only need about half a gram. In almost all countries of the world have a recipe that uses this expensive spice. In Russia, the saffron is added to cakes, in India most of the dishes contain this spice. Spanish paella without saffron, and Italian risotto. For best aroma and flavour of spices should be of high quality.

Natural vanilla

Ordinary consumers with average income are used to the fact that giving baking aroma you want to buy cheap sachet of vanilla. But this is nothing more than a cheap substitute.Real vanilla is . which can add to the most expensive dish in the world, is grown by hard work. Wait until pod can be no earlier than three years after the plant is planted. Only once during the year, the pod will open and the person has only a few hours for manual pollination. The scent of natural vanilla does not go to any comparison with its alternatives and possesses useful properties.

Thai vanilla is included with the world’s most expensive ice cream that is served in cafes in Manhattan. Besides vanilla, some edible gold leaf as decoration and the most expensive chocolate in the world. To try this gorgeous dessert can, pre-ordered it two days before your visit to the cafe. The cost of this pleasure in 25 thousand dollars.

Mushrooms Matsutake

Almost n known in Russia, but a favorite delicacy in Japan – mushrooms Matsutake . This is a useful and rare commodity, so its price is high and can reach 2000 dollars per kilogram. The presence in the dish of these mushrooms is very expensive, and still one of the most expensive meals of the world is proof of that.

Pie Wagyu Meat Pie is 13 and a half thousand dollars. In addition to the mushrooms Matsutake there are still some expensive mushrooms and truffles, and beef imported from Japan. To try this elite meat pie in the UK, the restaurant Fence Gate Inn.

The most expensive pizza in the world

The pizza includes many different components, and if used products are not cheap, you get the most expensive dish in the world – Pizza Louis XIII . This expensive pizza served in an Italian restaurant Chef Renato Viola. Why are only eight kinds of the best cheeses, which are part of this dish, and that’s not all. The most expensive seafood, including caviar exotic fish, meat, shrimp, lobster and crayfish. Even the salt here is not normal, and pink and extracted it in an Australian river.

Lobsters and crayfish is their favorite food in high society. It’s not only delicious, but also healthy product. It is low in calories and high in protein, this meat is tender, crunchy. Any dish from these products will be expensive, and the most expensive pizza in the world will cost 12 thousand dollars.

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Unique chocolate

Good quality chocolate itself is not cheap but has the most expensive dishes in the world that use unusual product. There is chocolate . produced only in America. It cannot be transported to distant places, because it is stored long, and is the most expensive chocolate in the world 2600 dollars per pound. This chocolate in the United States are preparing dessert Chocopologie by Knipschildt. Only natural ingredients of high quality and unique production technology – that’s the secret of fabulous pictures of this dish.

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