The most expensive foods in the world!


The most expensive spice in the world – saffron. Real saffron is nothing. stamens like plants of the family krokusowa ( Crocus sativus ). There is a “fake” saffron. also called Imereti. It is made from the stamens of flowers of marigold. The cost of a kilogram of saffron can reach up to $ 6,000. Such unprecedented price due to the fact. that it is hard to grow and gather. to produce 1 kg of dry saffron you need to sort through approximately 2000 flowers. From 1 ha of plantation in the first year can be collected only 6 kg of saffron. second – up 20 lbs. of Bright orange stigmas are cut manually on the first day of blossoming and dried.


The most expensive caviar in the world is not black. The most prized Beluga caviar-albino “Almas”. This fish is found in the Caspian sea off the coast of Iran. The eggs have different shades: from pale grey to white. Lighter than the caviar, the more expensive it. Caviar “Almas” is exported from Iran and is packaged in jars made of pure gold. 100 grams of caviar cost about 2 thousand dollars. This delicacy is very perishable, so need to use it immediately after purchase.


Banal,seemingly, potatoes can also be a delicacy, when it comes to the variety La Bonnotte. It grows on the French island of Normate in the Atlantic ocean. Potato fields are fertilized only with seaweed on the technology. which is transmitted from generation to generation. Planted and harvested this variety by hand only. but it costs about 500 euros per kilogram. The world’s most expensive potato varieties La Bonnotte the taste is very sweet. According to the legend. this divine tuber brought by none other than the Supreme God of the Inca Viracocha. Annually about 100 tonnes of potatoes in this class.


The world’s most expensive coffee made from beans that came from the intestine of civet – a small mammal from the family of viverrovyh. The variety called “Kopi Luwak” (Indonesian. Kopi – coffee. Luwak is actually the name of the animal ). Coffee is grown on the Islands of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. The civet, which we owe to the most expensive coffee in the world, is a small predator. but he likes ripe and fragrant coffee beans. Their civet eats a lot more. than able to digest it. At one time it even considered a pest. But then it turned out that the digestive enzymes of the animal improves the taste of the coffee by removing the bitterness. Locals gather animal digested coffee beans, a kilogram of which costs 300-400 dollars.


The world’s most expensive meat – marbled beef. Her “providers” Japanese cow breed Wagyu. The cost of a kilogram of meat comes to $ 1000. For many centuries Wagyu cows bred only in Japan, now they are also grown in Australia. Treat them like royals: they are fed the best grass, RUB sake, give to drink beer. Australian meat Wagyu even more expensive due to the fact that cows drink red wine for $ 16 per bottle.


The world’s most expensive tea is called da Hong PAO “Red robe” in Chinese. The name of this tea owes its color – when the buds swell. the tea bushes look like they are dressed in red clothes. Da Hong PAO belongs to the Oolong – teas strong fermentation with intense flavor and aroma. The world’s most expensive tea is da Hong PAO is produced from a sheet of six bushes. growing near the monastery Tianxin. Their age is estimated at 350 years. Per year going no more than 0.5 kg of this tea, while commercially available and less – not more than 20 g. In 2006 the entire crop gave at the Chinese national Museum as an exhibit. Since there is no official ban on the collection within Easy reach and today to try it out nobody can. While the ban not been in effect 20 grams of da Hong PAO Wuyishan auction sold 25 thousand dollars.


The most expensive chocolate in the world, released the Lebanese Patchi factory for sales in the British chain of Harrods – £ 5,000 per box. In the package are 49 chocolates, wrapped in Indian silk handmade, decorated with silk roses, Swarovski crystals and even gold. Too difficult box: it is made of leather and silk, and separation – gold and platinum.


The most expensive cheese was sold at auction for a price of 6.4 million euros for a pound. This happened in the Basque country in Northern Spain during the annual sheep cheese competition with participation 107 dairies. The buyer was the owner of one of the Basque restaurants. The event is truly unique, because typically the best varieties of cheese were sold at auction at the price from 50 to 80 euros per kilo.


A few years ago, Zafferano in London purchased the truffle for 54,000 dollars. Sorry. delicacy had a sad fate: the chef of the restaurant has lost the key to the refrigerator where it was kept, and honey mushroom rot. The truffle is a genus of Ascomycetes with a fleshy tuber-like underground fruiting bodies. Valuable edible ones – the winter truffle. also known as the French black. or paligorskite. These truffles are very aromatic. Externally they are black. and inside dark grey or reddish – black. Edible also and white truffles. The taste of the truffle resembles a mushroom with a strongly roasted seeds or walnuts. If truffle dipped in water and hold it there for a while. the water taste like soy sauce.


The world’s most expensive nut – macadamia. Previously, she was a major part of the diet of Australian aborigines. and has now become a delicacy. These nuts are also called mullimbimby. Boomer. Kendal – Kendal. In taste they resemble hazelnuts. There are nine species of macadamia. five of them grow only in Australia. Two kinds are cultivated. There are plantations in Australia. Brazil. South Africa. in Hawaii and in the southern United States. The height of the tree reaches 40 m. it produces its fruit up to 100 years. Since the kernel of the macadamia are hard to separate from the shell. these nuts are quite expensive. and grow them less. than is made of black caviar (not more than 40 tonnes of the delicacy each year). The cost of a kilogram of macadamia even in the “historic homeland” of the nut exceeds 30 dollars.

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