The most expensive pizza in the world

Italy, famous as the birthplace of pizza, never ceases to amaze its guests (and residents, too) are amazing variations of this dish. Local pizzaioli quite often present such masterpieces as the thinnest pizza in the world, the longest pizza in the world, the most beautiful pizza in the world. And that’s not to mention the fact that choices for toppings and dough for the signature dish of the country there is a huge amount. There are traditional recipes that are passed down by cooks from generation to generation, and there are innovative, modern, developed modern chefs who want to draw attention to his art, to create something unique and unusual. Sometimes they really turn out masterpieces. As, for example, pizza with pink salt, recognized the most expensive in the world. It costs as much as 8.5 thousand Euro and is made only to special order. Naturally, to afford even a slice of this culinary masterpiece not everyone can. If the main occupation of the tourists in his Homeland – teaching, marketing, construction or cleaning of apartments in Moscow. he will have not one year to work to afford to enjoy this unique dish.

The pizza, by the way, Royal has a luxurious appearance and is called accordingly – Louis XIII. Make her guess a chef named Renato viola. He ventured to push all the expensive ingredients for pizzas one product. Oddly enough, the masterpiece was not only expensive, but tasty, the customers he quite liked. So on light appeared “pizza with pink salt.” The food composition includes a proprietary basis from the chef, which are laid out delicacies such as truffles, caviar, lobster, giant shrimp, and the famous Italian cheese made from milk of black Buffalo. On top of all the decorated with salt, collected by hand on the banks of an Australian river Murray. It is not surprising that such happiness is worth thousands of euros.

Given the fact that they make the pizza in only one place in Italy, and wishing to taste can be anywhere, the clever chef has offered such a feature, as making meals on the road. Any customer who eager to give their money for the pizza with a delicious taste, can cause the cooks at the place of their deployment. They will arrive in no time and bake it right in the eyes of the amazed public.

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