The most expensive restaurant in the world

The catering business is considered very favorable. The total annual costs of people to food in restaurants amount to about 2 trillion dollars. This is a gold mine that can bring a very large income. Some restaurants are designed only for rich people, so they are expensive.

Lunch in a school a luxury will cost a lot. This is without taking into account the fact that the restaurant should leave a tip and order a mandatory non-alcoholic drink. But foodies believe that in the most expensive restaurants in the world serving incredibly tasty, expensive and fine dining. We list restaurants of premium class, which are considered the most expensive on the planet.

This place is situated in Central Tokyo (Japan), in the district of Shinbashi. Average meal costs there 370-400 dollars. Therefore, Aragawa is the most expensive restaurant in the world . It does not impress by the luxurious decor and doesn’t have his own site on the Internet. However, there is always a lot of visitors. For the wealthy it is very popular. Book a table at Aragawa is not so easy, especially because on Sundays, the school is not working.

The restaurant maintains a dress code requiring evening wear or business clothes. Design, service and cuisine is always on top. The famous Steakhouse is not predlagaetsja dishes, and the decor was no frills. Strict classics and the lack of gaudy jewelry is a feature of the restaurant. Its walls are draped with beautiful silk tapestries of Kyoto, chairs and tables are made of cherry wood, ceilings are decorated with Swedish strict chandeliers are the main elements of the interior.

The classic decor and cozy atmosphere invite you to relax. It is often carried out elegant wedding. The restaurant “Aragva” appreciated by the experts, writing it in the Guinness Book of world records. It has been operating for almost 50 years, remaining a favorite school for the Japanese elite. The main feature Aragawa – easy and high quality food. In this restaurant there is no specific menu for each day. Virtuoso chef creates cuisine to your taste, and the waiters are pictures of the finished dishes to the visitors.

What attracts most expensive restaurant in the world

Foodies tend to “Aragawa” to enjoy an incredible steak. Amazing and incomparable beef steak is famous in the world. It’s made from a special meat for a special recipe, making its magical taste. For this steak is just beef obtained from cows of the breed Tajima (Tajima).

The unique Aragawa steak became famous far beyond the borders of Japan and became the most expensive restaurant in the world – over 200 grams tender meat it is necessary to pay more than 100 dollars! The exceptional qualities of cows of a special breed cause terrific taste of meat. Animals are grown on the pastures of the Hyogo Prefecture, where they fatten fat within 28 months. This low of a cow with thick hair, have lowered body temperature. For this reason, their fat melts at a temperature of 40 degrees unlike cows of traditional breeds (their grease is melted at a temperature of 60 degrees). Ready-made pieces of marble Tajima the meat just melt in your mouth.

The most expensive restaurant in the world buys meat only on one farm. To beef taste, cows are fed rice, and watered wine or beer. Raw material quality is controlled very carefully.

Received handle raw meat with pepper and salt, and then fry it in a special oven, using a metal barbecue skewers. The chefs use charcoal imported from the Wakayama Prefecture. The meat goes 10 stages of frying, so it gets an unusual aroma complex. The minimum cost per serving is $ 400, but willing to try a wonderful steak at this restaurant very much. Connoisseurs say that the famous steaks Aragawa are worth every dollar you spend. Interestingly, local people among the visitors are very rarely seen.

The restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee

It is located in Paris in the same hotel of the premium class and is considered one of the most elegant French restaurants. To order lunch for 1 person should spend a minimum of $ 230. Owing to such high prices, he is second in the ranking of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

The school of Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee opened in 2000 and immediately became popular with members of the high society of France. The decor of the courtyard and halls was designed by the famous designer and architect Patrick Jouin. The restaurant is dominated by classic French style. There is a combination of gold and white, the elements of red color, an exquisite fireplace, beautiful murals, beautiful lamps and curtains. The highlight of the interior – crystal chandelier-Suite consisting of 10,000 pendants.

The restaurant functions as a la carte, serving visitors in the menu. This chic restaurant has excellent interior. One kind of the main hall suggests that the prices should be maximum. But the high cost of the meals is justified. Visitors get the best French cuisine and perfect service. It offers fine cuisine and stunning desserts. Only Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee served with creamy truffle pasta, the tenderest of lamb offal, flavoured with sauce of duck liver, delicious sea bass with green asparagus and other dishes. In every dish the chef can add products selected by customer: truffles, lobster, caviar, pigeon egg etc.

In this place are outstanding chefs – Alain Ducasse and Christophe Maur, which are considered to be real good at cooking. To enjoy their masterpieces in the gourmet restaurant come from all over the world. Alain Ducasse is the owner of Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee and the owner of 19 Michelin stars. This is the best and award-winning chef of the country. In addition, he personally prepares stunning dishes, Alain Ducasse is a talented restaurateur. In addition to Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee him there are 25 restaurants, the aggregate proceeds of which exceed 60 million dollars a year.

As welcome additions to delectable cuisine the restaurant offers its wine cellar. It has over 35 thousand bottles of wine. The most expensive restaurant in the world – Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, awarded three Michelin stars, and it’s a big success for the catering.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

This London restaurant, the minimum order which costs $ 190. Within just 30 tables, which are never free. Lovers of delicious food visit this place to taste the best dishes made from Cornish lambs. A prestigious restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsay, famous for his innovative cuisine.

Gordon Ramsay has received three Michelin stars, which puts it among the best restaurants on the planet. The interior of this place is in dark yellow color. The room is decorated with modern and stylishly, but modestly. The restaurant has excellent service: the waiters always look flawless and very attentive to every visitor. Serving meals and refined food taste not letting anybody down.

To visit from Gordon Ramsey, it is necessary to register in advance and wait a few days. The waiting period sometimes stretched for a month. But excellent cuisine is worth it. People who visited this institution, it is recommended to try the ravioli with ham and lobster, steak with caviar, roasted duck and other dishes. According to experts Gordon Ramsey is the most expensive restaurant in the world after the Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee.

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