The most extraordinary dishes

Sellers treat their customers with a variety of exotic, imported from abroad. For example, many people have tried avocado, mango, beef, shark meat, octopus. Not to spoil the impression of the first tested, unfamiliar product, few know how to prepare. You must have an idea of how to look like an exotic product.

How many incidents was when for the first time in Russia used to import bananas and other similar fruits. People were not aware of what a ripe banana should be yellow with a pleasant aroma, and was chosen in stores bananas on the principle of cucumbers — green and dense. Going to travel around the world, do not deny yourself the pleasure to taste in the local restaurants exotic cuisine. Usually big famous restaurants offer delicious dishes made according to old, proven recipes, professional chefs.

The most extraordinary dishes, perhaps you can try in African and Eastern countries. For Europe, probably the most exotic ingredient in the dish is frog legs. But they are already so hyped that not surprised the tourists. Meat of snails is also— the vast majority of lovers know that they are pure protein, similar to mussels and Rapa.

At the same time, still there are many mythical stories about strange and exotic dishes, which does not exist in nature. As an example, the famous Chinese dish of camel’s hump. To cook is impossible, as the hump is exclusively fat and meat in it. Respectively, and to eat such a culinary experiment hardly anyone will dare.

Perhaps, among the most common types of meat — beef, lamb, pork, poultry. In the regions with the possibility of farming of local species of animals, eat their meat. So in Australia are widely distributed meat of ostriches. To maintain and grow their already learned in many countries around the world. Almost every ostrich farm there is a restaurant where you can taste scrambled ostrich eggs or dishes trapatoni. Read more…

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