The most popular snacks under movie

Very often, seeing a movie I want something to chew, relax. You can even make a kind of top of the starters, which are used for these purposes. So, you interesting movies online 2014 in good quality? Let’s think about how to create home feel like your home theater!

Number one, of course, popcorn. It can be done at home, you can buy. Golden, delicious, salty, sweet, with tastes of cheese, bacon, chicken, whatever, he remains the same accompanied by a large number of home Viewings.

Number two – chips, crackers, salted fish and beer. Available, as usual, a good alternative to, or Supplement the usual pop corn. But it has its cons – crunch. Loud sounds prevent to enjoy high quality movie. However, the house in the daytime you can just make the sound louder. Comedy movie under it’s real to watch.

In third place is the pizza. All kinds of shipping service, in some cities there are even persistent, allow you to enjoy the taste of fresh, hot pizza under the view of anything.

The fourth place of honour – all kinds of sandwiches, sandwiches and analogues. Quickly you can satisfy your hunger, especially if you planned a big movie marathon. In fifth place is the sushi, which had also become almost a kind of fast food, and are very comfortable. Especially for fans of the anime. However, not really in secret behind the statistics and the bags with cartoscope, which ranks sixth.

American culture has instilled in many a taste for chicken wings and the like parts. Fresh, well-cooked, with the crust and your sauce, they are in seventh position. They often prefer the company of youth, where love good to eat.

Because the adherents of a healthy lifestyle occurs, then some compromises can be seen here. Strictly speaking, there are at movies is generally not very healthy for digestion idea, but if we speak about compromises, then on the eighth place you can find all kinds of salads.

Shrimp in different forms has ceased long to be something of a delicacy. A packet of shrimp you can safely buy the majority of coastal southern cities, which is a copy of something like sunflower seeds. Also shrimp are boiled, fried, brush directly in the view or eat already peeled.

Oh and don’t forget about the sweet tooth. Sweets, chocolate bars and slightly slowed down their positions because of wanting not so much to get fat. But to completely abandon them sweet lovers just can’t. The tenth place.

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