The most unusual dishes of the world

From what did not prepare food in different countries! Among them there are those who will certainly cause you disgust. But in a foreign country for such delicacies people pay crazy money… Most exotic dishes that they offer visitors the best restaurants. In Troitsk you certainly won’t find a restaurant that offers its customers the dishes are so unusual… However, you are unlikely to really want to try these delicacies…


Prepared in the Philippines and in Cambodia. Is a brewed together with the embryo duck egg. The unusual food that the embryo has already managed to receive the feathers and beak…


Prepared in Iraq and Kazakhstan. Is a boiled sheep’s head.

Wine from pups

Demand in Korea and China. Considered a traditional health drink. Bottles of rice wine are tiny, still blind little mice… Those who have tried this delicacy, say that it tastes no better than kerosene.


This dish is common in Norway. Is a cod soaked in an alkaline solution to such an extent that the filet was able to corrode silverware. Nectariniidae that this dish is really quite edible, though generally the alkali is used not for cooking, but for cleaning of pipes, burning out horns of cows and destruction of weeds.

Casu Marzu

This delicacy was invented in Sardinia. Is a sheep’s milk cheese which cheese is already infected flies. In General, the dish looks like a normal decaying cheese with the appropriate smell. By the way, if you decide to try this cheese, be careful: translucent larvae are able to jump quite high, so take care of your eyes. Today, however, to find that the dish is not so simple. Its production is considered illegal, because the larvae are not digested and can begin to multiply in the body.


Common in Mexico. Represents the eggs of giant black ants liometopum. The collection of these eggs is dangerous work, as the ants are highly venomous and these people, to put it mildly, dislike. The consistency of these eggs resemble cottage cheese and usually served with a sauce “guacamole”. The taste of ant eggs is quite nice.

A live octopus

Is considered a great delicacy in Korea. At the entrance the restaurant usually hosts an aquarium, in which swim octopus. Here you can choose “copy”… the octopus strangle you with tentacles, he needs to start eating from the head. If you don’t consider yourself a thrill, you can ask that you filed already cut into the pieces of octopus. The taste of the octopus reminds squid overcooked harsh.


Notable dish is considered a delicacy in Cambodia. Its basis is a large spider (about the size of a man’s palm), a kind of poisonous tarantula. Prior to a cooked spider on the dish, you need to spend a lot of effort. First we have to find him, to pull out of the hole and pull out the poisonous fangs. Then roast on an open fire, adding more salt and garlic. The taste of the dish like chicken.


Scorpions eat not only in Asia but also in new York and Amsterdam. Serve them on a cheese base, decorated with lettuce leaves. Scorpions decided to eat without legs and head.

Many exotic dishes you will find on the streets of Vietnam. Soup from armadillos, the beating heart of a Cobra, chicken hearts, marinated in pig’s blood. These dishes can be found in the menu of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Perhaps the most exotic Vietnamese meal is the meal of bats. It is served only in the best restaurants. Caught animals kept in a cage, and the right to choose a suitable mouse is, of course, the client. After the client is undecided, pre-picky considering the mouse, cook one lightning motion he chops off the animal’s head. The blood bat immediately be strained off into a glass and consumed. The Vietnamese believe that the blood and meat of bats can strengthen male strength. By the way, the taste of bats meat resembles beef in curry sauce.

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