The preservation of cabbage for the winter

After the bins each family filled with pieces of cucumber and tomato, it’s time to stock up on plenty of pieces with cabbage.

This vegetable is rich in many vitamins and minerals, also very common in our area.

Pickled cabbage with spices

For preparation of such blanks will need 3 kg of white cabbage, large carrots 1-2, 2-2,5 tablespoons coarse ground, cumin seeds 20g. Cabbage finely shinkuem, carrots three on a grater for Korean salads, mix with salt, add cumin seeds. All the ingredients are tightly stuffed into the prepared jars, cover with gauze, folded in several layers, leave in a warm place for 3 days, then transfer to a cool place for long-term storage.

Snack “of Pickled duckies”

Turns out very tasty appetizer of cabbage, called “Pickled cabbage”. Besides, she looks very impressive on the table, so be sure to delight guests with its appearance and taste. To prepare this snack you will need 2 heads of cabbage, it is best to take Goluboy grade. The upper leaves are carefully selected, put in a saucepan and boil for until half. Carrot three on a small grater, add a lot of spices,like Korean carrot. From steamed leaves twist cabbage rolls, stuffing — spicy carrots. Duckies are ready add them to the pan and pour in the brine, consisting of vinegar and sunflower oil, taken in equal proportion. Put the cabbage under oppression for 3 days, after which snack completely ready to eat.

Winter spicy cabbage

Very popular among men enjoyed spicy cabbage with spices. For preparation of this type of cabbage will need fresh cabbage, carrots, beets, garlic, chilli pepper, allspice and ground peas, salt, sugar and brine. All vegetables are cleaned and shredded using a grater. In a saucepan put layers of vegetables, the garlic cloves, add chopped hot peppers and ground. In a saucepan boil the brine, which consists of sunflower oil, water, sugar, salt, vinegar. Laid the cabbage pour in the brine, stir, put under pressure for 2-3 days, after which the snack completely ready to eat.

All meals consisting of cabbage, it is recommended to store in a cool place, under a nylon cover. In heat there is a chance that cabbage can perekinut and significantly deteriorate its taste, which is why it is best to save this type of workpiece in a cold place.

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