The strangest meals of the world

Usually any article of food causes salivation rampant and inevitable trip to the fridge in search of “something”. I’m sure that today you into the kitchen not going. Today the talk is about the strangest dishes in the world. For those countries where they were invented, it can be quite normal food, even a delicacy. You’ve probably heard about the dishes of their monkey brains, fried Scorpions, a bear’s paw, rotten fish and similar “delicacies”. We wouldn’t come to cook this dish in his kitchen, but, drat, eat, and praising…. What can you offer hospitable hosts from the “special dishes”?

Skates on sticks

No, not the lollies in the shape of sea horses, like our “males”. It’s a Chinese delicacy – fried seahorses on a wooden skewer. The range can offer even grasshoppers or Scorpions – delicacies for any taste!

Cookies wasps

This Japanese delicacy. And this is not wasps encroach on sweet sticky cookie dough. This is a specially prepared dessert, for which OS is pre-boiled in boiling water, dried and added to the dough. A pack of those biscuits is not expensive – less than a hundred rubles. I wonder how the chef copes with the wasps before they get into hot water?

Eye tuna

Have you ever tried fish eyes? No? May be because we have such large fish is not caught? Here Japanese and Chinese gourmets consider it one of the most exquisite delicacies from all seafood.

Even more exotic Chinese dish that sungazing – “flowers of the pine”. No, this is not yellow pine “spikes” or cones (pine bloom actually), and duck eggs, cooked according to the popular recipe. Imperial eggs, Chinese black, hundred-day, century-old eggs – it’s all of them, sungrazing! Eggs or permanently soaked in a solution of lime and salt and is aged for several months in clay, salt and sand, as was the custom anciently, or do more modern way. Now duck eggs are incubated for 40-60 days in a solution of caustic soda, salt and tea leaves. What this dish tastes like? But looks Chinese attractive, intricate patterns on the background is transparent protein…

The world’s most expensive soup

This bird’s nest soup, which you can try in some restaurants in China, laying out for him a fairly decent amount. In the case are only the nests of sarangani, one kilogram of which costs about 2 thousand dollars. Of course the plate you won’t find twigs or straws. Salangane builds its nest using saliva, which actually turns out the soup after dissolving the nests in water. Cloudy this kiselak, but useful, strengthens the immune system and facilitates the treatment of asthma.

Another original soup you can try in Thailand and parts of China. Soup recipes different ways of cooking and the composition remains unchanged, only the main ingredient – bat! It is better to take the flying Fox – and the meat and broth more nourishing. After the soup the second you can taste those mice in the form of hot milk.

Coffee Luwak

The most expensive coffee in the world with an unusually smooth taste of caramel and delicate vanilla and chocolate. So it is characterized by gourmets and connoisseurs of coffee. It is made not from fresh coffee beans, and of those who graciously provides coffee lovers palm civet – a cute little animal with a sad look. Shares of the coffee beans the civet after she will give them a try, partially digested. This product is processing its body of people picked by hand, cleaned, roasted and…get an exquisite drink coffee Luwak.

Fried pork guinejsk

It’s not a special recipe for the ordinary “pigs”. This dish is from… Guinea pigs! Favorite dish of the inhabitants of Peru, Bolivia and the Andes, did not disdain pigs in Colombia and Ecuador. Is the breeding of Guinea pigs a very profitable occupation – they breed faster, eat less, and their meat is rich in protein and contains little fat and cholesterol. Besides the taste, it resembles the rabbit.

Present the dish diet!

Much more strange and exotic than all of the above may seem popular in Korea delicacy – a dish of live octopus. Its name means, roughly, Wriggling octopus. With live octopus skin, cut into pieces meat and tentacles and pour hot sauce. Most importantly fast to chew this delicacy, because the tentacles can have time to suck in the mouth.

No less amazing for us another traditional Korean snack – beondegi. This is a very common dish that you can find from street vendors or buy in the Bank will stay at home only to cook the contents. Ah, Yes, content is a larva.

And, finally, a traditional recipe! The company is rather big, so out of all the unusual dishes to the table go greatest from camel.

Stuffed “ship of the desert”

You will need: camel, whole lamb, 20 chickens, eggs, rice, spices and 2-3 Bedouin. When cooking traditional Bedouin meals, listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest dish on a restaurant menu is difficult to do without the Bedouins. First, they know exactly how to fill a camel on the principle of “egg in a duck, a duck in a hare etc.), and secondly, how to bake such a large carcass, and most importantly to bring the delicacy to the table. The recipe is not very complicated: each chicken nachinaetsya eggs and rice, then all Chicks are placed inside the lamb, which itself is stuffed camel.

None of these unusual dishes I have not enjoyed personally, and the particular disorder on this occasion I do not feel. The most that I decided in my youth that boiled brine (creepy, but good to the taste, if not watch what you eat). But maybe some of you, traveling the world, ventured to taste a piece of some unusual dishes and share an unforgettable experience?

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