Vegetable salads for every day

One of the most simple and quick to prepare and healthy dishes are the vegetable salads. Each family will have a lot of recipes of salads, every day and festive table. Vegetable salads from Webspoon good because of the ingredients available to them each throughout the year. Of course, there are seasonal vegetables, the prices of which in winter are rising, but in this period you can prepare healthy salads from vegetables more affordable.

Most popular — fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. But this combination of ingredients sometimes annoying, to get new ideas and recipes. Worth a look for culinary portal. Here you will find original recipes for every taste.

Original recipes homemade salads

Many people believe that salad is so simple dish that you should not comply with its specific formulation, it helps to cut available in the fridge for the vegetables and season them with vegetable oil. Of course, the option of improvisation is always welcome in cooking, but to discover new tastes, to please close aesthetic beauty dishes, take a few minutes to search the original recipe.

This section of our site features a huge selection of receptacles that complement your daily diet, or will decorate a celebratory table:

wholesome, low-calorie for each day for those who watches over the figure; spicy with added fruit, nuts, cheeses and spices for gourmets;

nutritious warm for the cold seasons;

seasonal vegetables for all occasions.

All these recipes will help you to decorate your table, amaze your guests and just to diversify your daily diet by making it healthier, fortified and varied.

Using detailed recipes from our portal, you will be able to apply your usual seasonal vegetables, adding them interesting by dressing as a sauce, spices or other savory ingredients. We also picked up interesting recipes tender, savory and hearty vegetable salads from Italian, Mexican, Greek and many other cuisines. Also we have not forgotten about the traditional Slavic salads, for example, how long have you cooked radish salad with walnuts, sorrel or pumpkin?

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