Wholly vegetarian soup

Tastes change is difficult and sometimes even impossible, when the issue is not about exotic dishes or dishes without which you can not do, and about the most-the most that neither is casual.

That this soup will be even remotely transparent, to forget. It is clear, of course, will not, as there are clear soups. And although we do not focus on the soup, some of its features (opacity, for example) will show up in the finished dish. But it is inevitable if we are to have the result that I want to get – not just “vegetarian soup” and “soup with meat”. If some of the vegetables and the beans to blend, but just from the broth to remove the taste of the soup of the future will be less expressive and rich. So it’s up to you.

Pureromance beans causes on the surface of the soup small foam. It should, as far as possible, be removed, though to remove completely the foam will still fail. But it should not be confused. Subsequently, due to the seasoning of the soup, the foam is completely dissolved.

I have never come across a wholly vegetarian version of borscht, which one could say: Yes, it does taste as the meat. Maybe I just had bad luck (I do not consider mushroom borscht is a whole other story), and maybe I busiprone, although I can’t say that he’s fixated on the meat. And then I found the recipe… Chinese borscht (there are, it appears, and such). Vegetarian this recipe had no relations, since the soup was prepared the same fish broth. But some technological features “borsch Chinese” struck me as curious – it’s something like vegetable protein attack with minimalism, although the Chinese have skimped on the vegetables, as the soup was cabbage and beets without even. And then I thought, having in mind the mentioned technological features that “soup without meat, but with meat” can still cook, if you take the following (on 4 liters of water, that is the soup for today, tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow):

1. A glass of dry red or white beans, which need hours to soak in salted water.

2. One medium turnip (optional)

3. Two medium carrots (preferably)

4. Two or three medium-sized beets (and which without beet soup, is the main component)

5. Two or three medium onions.

6. Three or four teeth of garlic

7. Half Bulgarian (sweet) pepper (optional)

8. Small, the size of a finger, a piece of fresh ginger root or a similar piece of root parsley or parsnip

9. Two tablespoons of tomato paste four medium ripe tomatoes (in the summer)

10. A couple of medium potatoes.

11. 300 grams of fresh cabbage

12. Tablespoon fresh lemon juice

13. Herbs, salt and pepper to taste.

14. Three tablespoons of vegetable oil.

For a start, cleaned and cut in half turnip, one carrot and one of the sugar beets should be Packed either in a dry pan or on a baking sheet and send in a preheated 180 degree oven to bake vegetables.

Meanwhile with the soaked beans need to be drained, a third of the beans left for later, and two thirds pour four litres of cold water and put to boil at low boil.

In svalivshihsya bean “broth” to add dried vegetables (absolutely no need to bake them until tender, let, importantly, they will take on a light crust – the process of caramelization, i.e. changes in their taste went). Let the vegetables stew with beans until they are tender and beans and vegetables.

You can do a vegetable filling for a future soup. This will cut down first with oil – in the future the soup should be and the spirit of the aftertaste of vegetable oil, because this tastes, no matter how “cleaned” oil was not. Do this three or four tablespoons of vegetable oil we shall warm up slightly on the large pan and very carefully, avoiding Browning, passeruem in it two or three finely chopped garlic and crushed ginger root (or parsley, or parsnip) until the garlic becomes translucent.

Now there also add sliced into thin rings or half rings onion and with as much care, as long as it doesn’t become translucent, and his passeruem.

Only after that, add two to three tablespoons of tomato paste (or minced, well-ripened and the skinned tomatoes), continuing the fried onion until the tomato becomes bright orange.

Finally, add thinly sliced carrot (1 piece), beets (1-2 pieces) and half a diced bell pepper.

Out of the pan with the broth, which is cooked with beans and vegetables, will cernem as much of the broth to pour over the contents of the pan with the stock (three or four of the ladle).

Bring the sauce to a boil and then take his test. At a prevalence of sweet over sour, then adjust the sauce by adding as much fresh lemon juice to sour the taste was a little more than sweet. Cover the pan with a lid and leave the vegetables to stew at low boil for the time left before the full cook time. That is about an hour. This is one of the most important, we can say the shock of the details of the future course to which we will return at the end. Cover here are a must, if you don’t want half of the taste of the soup left in your kitchen hood.

Making sure the beans and veggies into the “broth” is well boiled, remove them from the broth, and the broth strain. Cooked vegetables and beans will send in a food processor, blender or grinder and process until creamy.

Bean-vegetable puree back to the pan with the broth…

… add a pending third bean…

… and chopped potatoes.

Bring the broth to a boil and slow subsequent boiling, always under covered with a lid, boil it until fully cooked beans. Wanting to feel the potatoes in the soup more, so to speak, brutal form, can either chop the potatoes into larger, or put it in the broth later – given that the potato cooks faster than beans.

Making sure the beans are cooked, add the cabbage and cook it until half done.

The cabbage until it comes back to the vegetable filling. In fact, it’s our kind of masterpiece that needs to be brought to readiness at best. What does it mean. This means that zatusevschi vegetables, but mainly the sauce in which they were extinguished, we need to ensure on the subject of salt-sugar-acid-sharpness one hundred percent, as if it were a separate dish. Only after achieving the mentioned balance, despite the fact that cabbage is brought to half, floating vegetable filling directly into the pan with the future of soup.

Mix soup and after a minute or two, adjust it for salt according to our taste, add either a tablespoon of chopped greens, or a couple of Bay leaves and two minutes low simmer, remove the pan from the heat.

Case, we can say done, except for one “but”. This soup definitely need to infuse under the lid closed for at least an hour. This procedure will only increase and will increase its palatability. Later in the extreme case it can be carefully heated. However, this is one of the rare dishes that can be eaten in hot or absolutely cold. As a hash, for example. In short, these things need to try, do not hurry to turn up the nose.

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